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Hardbanding of Drill Pipe, Drill Collars, Hevi-Wate Drill Pipe, Portable Hardbanding Units and Hardband Removal

Tri*Drill Services' Hardbanding Product Line has more than 60 years experience and is an industry leader in applying alloys on drill stem components. Our "casing-friendly” hardbanding extends the life of drill strings by reducing casing wear from 14% without hardbanding to as little as 5% with the application of the appropriate alloy. Tri*Drill Services’ hardbanding process stands apart within the industry – from its unmatched safety standards and equipment to its plasma cutting services – which provide for the smooth removal of previous alloys prior to re-application.

Knight Oil Tools’ Tri*Drill Services service line offers seven hardbanding options – each determined by the downhole environment, the region being drilled and the size and type of pipe.

Tri Tanium Hardband – Application is one of the best wear-resistant alloys in the industry today and is proven to be the most effective option for reducing casing and tool joint wear. This application is appropriate for new or non-hardbanded tool joints only. Tri*Drill Services is NS-1 approved for new applications and reapplications at its Broussard facility.

Tuffband NC – Application is casing friendly and can be applied on most types of existing hardband applications. Unlike most reapplications, to apply Tuffband NC it is not necessary to remove the existing hardband application, making this a cost effective solution. Tungsten Carbide pellets can be added to Tuffband NC to create the ultimate wear resistance for the drill string in the open hole. Tri*Drill Services is NS-1 approved for new applications and reapplications at its Broussard facility.

Smooth X Tungsten – Application is tungsten-based and used on bottomhole assembles and in abrasive conditions to prevent tool joint wear in severe conditions.

Armacor M – Application is a chromium-based flux core wire used to reduce casing wear. This alloy should be applied on new tool joints or over the existing Armacor M coating.

C/T – Application is a chromium- and tungsten-based powder alloy producing a noncasing-friendly and abrasive wear-resistant application. This application is useful for highly abrasive conditions.

Duraband NC – Application is a casing friendly tool steel, abrasive wear-resistant alloy with a non-cracking application that can be applied over most worn applications. Tri*Drill Services is NS-1 approved for new applications and reapplications at its Broussard facility.

Arnco 100XT – Application is a crack-free deposit created by using an innovative metallurgical design that delivers excellent tool joint protection and casing wear.
Hardbanding Benefits/Advantages

Tri*Drill Services’ hardband produces a 3/32" raised application on drill stem components, resulting in longer lasting tubulars and reduction of casing wear.

Portable hardbanding units save pipe transportation costs.

Tri*Drill Services is one of the few companies in the industry that provide plasma removal along with hardbanding services. The ability to easily and effectively remove existing hardbanding gives customers another cost-effective solution.


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